After a long time I spent almost a week in my home. I don't have any dearest friends here, but have some sweet memories. My childhood days, how beautiful was it. Now I am, travelling on flight of memories without ticket back to my childhood. Now I really feels nostalgia in my place, my secret world, where I spent my childhood days.
My house situated near a small hill. In the rainy reason small small streams will arise from it and flows towards the sea. I really want to prevent it in the starting itself because i like to play with it, yet mamma scold me. This time I am alone here in my home , no friends to play with me , so i decided to wander through the path of my memories.

I started from the starting of a small stream , yet it is not possible to follow till the end to the sea.
My dreams take me to my school days , there I spent almost ten years. It is really a vast one , but here am not going to tell all story , but going through a small moment about "Neela Pacha" the thing we used in our childhood days to erase the blunders wrote in the Slate. A flushy grass grows near streams. So I was searching to find out one. I started the journey from the starting of a stream as I stated above. I was in a world of dreams, my mind was not in my hand, it was driven by my un-continus mind towards my herotic path of memories. My path had lost all its beauty now yet it is fresh in my mind. I walked through the stream, every time my eyes were searching for "Neela Pacha". My ways were owned by snakes and spiders. I ruined all the spider webs which hindered my way without any mercy.
Nb: Not kill them.

The stream was fully covered with grass and wild treas. I was scrolling under the coverings of nature, suddenly my eyes were blinked with joy, my mind over flowed with happiness, my mini wispered me 'you reached the destiny' yes this time i found "Neela Pacha".

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